On Being Just a Player…

October, 2013

I’ve been trying to come up with the right words to describe the feeling of walking into Eddie Adams Farm barn last July for the first rehearsal of the Martinu “Flute Trio” and no longer as artistic director.

Already for some months, I’d been enjoying “the lightness of being,” for Carrie and Andy were officially underway on January 1st and Terry was now Managing Director

But driving up to the barn on Tuesday July 15, walking in to the sound of Tannis practicing and not having things-to-remember-to-do-thoughts furring up my senses, was a new sensation or – this sounds right – a lack of one. It was as if the air around me was open, light (that word again) and free. I didn’t have to concentrate lest something was said or suggested that I must act on later. The silky pleasure of it makes me smile all over again.

And that sensation stayed with me pretty much for all the festival; I had indeed opted to make the arrangements for the last reception but we had wonderful volunteer help from JL CC and CB so even those plans were easy.

Meanwhile there appeared literally, the icing on the cake! And this is where I suspect I may have fulfilled every cliché about British restraint, unemotional Anglo-Saxons etc. I’m talking about the lovely reception in the interval of the first Saturday concert that turned out to be all about me! Listening to what such close friends were saying and surrounded by all of you, was very touching and yet my childhood imprinting from my mother’s abstemiousness around compliments held me in check.

In conclusion, the festival was a new experience for me, and a very particular pleasure.

Congratulations/Bravi to Andy, Carrie, and Terry.