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Steve Reich’s entire oeuvre could be understood as comprised of sets of variations. The essential quality of constant, slow, perceptible change is what came to be called “minimalism.” Fascinated from very early on with musical processes, Reich, in collaboration with his ground-breaking ensemble Steve Reich and Musicians, began to develop ways of treating material in which the components slowly drifted apart and re-combined, forming canons and resultant melodic patterns. The basic idea always present in its original form, but surrounded by increasingly distant and rhythmically varied versions of itself. The process continues until a maximum density of counterpoint is reached, at which point it stops and the piece ends, just like that. The relationship Reich seeks with the listener is active, engaged, and exhilarated. Clapping Music makes this possible by the simplest of means: two performers clapping their hands, covering a huge amount of developmental ground over the course of a roughly 4-minute journey. ... See MoreSee Less

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"Here, in the last pages of the "Abegg" Variations, Schumann plays the motto theme A-B-E-G-G (B in German notation is the English Bb) not by sounding the last four notes but by taking them away, one by one, from, the chord of Bb-E-G. This is the first time in history that a melody is signified not by the attack but by the release of a series of notes. The motto, however, ends with a repeated final G. If the motto is played by releasing each successive note, we are faced with a paradox: when the G is released once on the piano, it is no longer there to be released again-the motto is not only unplayable as conceived but unimaginable. Schumann signifies as much by another paradox: he adds accents to the sustained notes." -Charles Rosen ... See MoreSee Less

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MICHAEL SMALL Trio for violin and 2 cellos

BACH Gamba Sonata I

BEETHOVEN String Quartet Op. 18.6 Adagio ma non troppo

SHULAMIT RAN Lyre of Orpheus for string sextet

RAVEL Sonate Posthume



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