Volunteer Opportunities

Want to help? Great! What do you love about WCM? What are you good at that you might enjoy doing as a Volunteer? WCM loves its Volunteers: you get free tickets and loads of appreciation, and there are many ways you can be part of our fun-loving Volunteer family.

At the annual WCM Summer Festival, for instance, you’ll run across our very cheerful folks at the box office; or in the hall as reception managers, stage crew, greeters, and ticket takers.

If being in the great outdoors appeals to you, we have parking lot monitors and handicapped assistants, or grounds and building crew for advance cleanup and maintenance jobs at the Adams Farm.

If you love to talk to people and sell things, the perfect volunteer job for you just might be program ad sales, or signing people up for the mailing list, or even traveling around to distribute Festival posters and flyers.

If you love office work, assistants are always needed during the year for filing, computer mailing list updates, and online and print news clipping and tracking. And we are happy to provide any credits and recommendations if a student might need them for extra-curricular volunteer credits.

We’d love to have you join our WCM Volunteer family , and free tickets are yours for any Festival event you assist. So do it now; click contact us to let us know and find out more